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URBN Action Plan
To the Nuuly Community:

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen posts and comments on social media describing racial discrimination and profiling at Anthropologie stores—a brand which is also owned by Nuuly's parent company, URBN.

Many of you have reached out directly to us at Nuuly to express your disappointment over these painful reports and to understand what steps URBN will take to address and correct them.

Racial profiling is wrong and totally unacceptable. Black lives matter and we firmly stand against systemic racism. This commitment is unequivocal.

It bears repeating: Speaking up is important. Listening is important. Actions are a profound way to show that you have done—and are continuing to do—both. URBN's plan of action is outlined below:

  • An external third-party has been hired to conduct a thorough investigation and review of store practices.
  • All store associates and managers will receive mandatory diversity, inclusion and implicit bias training, conducted by external experts, by July 30. Home Office teams will participate in similar training.
  • A committee has been created, in partnership with the executive team and outside consultants, that will develop a holistic diversity and inclusion strategy across all URBN brands and shared service departments.
  • Recruiting efforts will be expanded at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Additionally, URBN will sponsor a full four-year scholarship for a young Black student pursuing studies in fashion design.

We are deeply grateful to all of our customers who took the time to email, comment or DM us. We are reading and responding to every one of them and are continuing to work internally to make Nuuly an even more inclusive brand that inspires, uplifts and reflects our diverse community.

June 5 Statement
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