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4 Reasons To Buy Thrifted Clothes Online

We’re all about thrifting and think you should be, too. Here’s the breakdown of why thrifting clothes online at Nuuly Thrift is the move.

Find your fav brands + special pieces. Our ever-growing community of sellers has great taste, just like you! If you’re looking for Free People, Reformation, Madewell, Lululemon or Anthropologie, look no further—they’re all here, with countless others. You’ll also find out-of-circulation items from Nuuly Rent, as well as one-of-a-kind vintage and lots of items that are new with tags (NWT, FTW!).

Try trends sustainably If you must recreate that super-niche TikTok trend AND have a sneaking suspicion it could be over before you post your GRWM, do yourself a favor: ignore fast fashion’s siren call and thrift it online instead of buying new. Simply put, thrifting online extends the life of clothing and if you’re on a sustainability journey like so many of us are, it’s an easy win.

Maximize your budget. Get more juice for the squeeze out of your clothing budget by shopping at Nuuly Thrift, then become a seller yourself! We suspect, if you’re a dedicated thrifter, you’ve got your fair share of sweet finds. Resell online on Nuuly Thrift and get 10% more when you convert your earnings to Nuuly Cash, which is worth 10% more at Nuuly Thrift, Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters. Cha-ching!

Save yourself a trip to the thrift shop. It’s fun to pop to your local thrift store and flip through racks. But what about those days when you’re one with the couch and cannot motivate to get up? Or when you’ve got the urge to browse at 3am? Nuuly Thrift makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for—filter every which way, scroll, scroll, scroll and add to bag, whenever you want and wherever you find yourself.