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How Buying Works
How do I find items I like on Nuuly Thrift?
Can I save items I like?
What does it mean if something is New With Tags (NWT) or Well-Worn?
How do I purchase an item?
What are your accepted payment methods?
How do I buy something on Nuuly Thrift with Nuuly Cash?
Are there any additional fees or charges on Nuuly Thrift purchases?
What are some helpful tips for buying on Nuuly Thrift?
How do I message a seller about an item I want to buy?
What happens when I buy something?
What if I changed my mind about my purchase?
How do I message the seller about my order?
Where do my past purchases live?
Why do I have to accept my order once it arrives?
Can I return my order?
How do I review a seller?
Buying FAQs
Selling FAQs