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More Bonus Items!

Some months you need a little extra Nuuly in your life. Like when you need to rent wedding guest dresses for a season’s worth of ceremonies. When you’re planning the be-all, end-all birthday weekend and you need rented outfits for every outing. When you’re heading out on an epic vacation. Or, when you simply can not (absolutely will not!?) settle on only six items.

Great news! You can now add up to 4 bonus items to your Nuuly!
Great news! You can now add up to 4 bonus items to your Nuuly!

“But Nuuly,” you say, “How will you send me TEN rentals at once? My bag is already bursting with awesomeness each month when I rent the standard six items.” Thank you for asking.

Enter: The Mega-Nuuly, invented for this very reason. A bigger Nuuly means we can ship more items, more efficiently—no more splitting up shipments, no more waiting for extra packages, and best of all, no more cardboard boxes. So go on, be as extra as you want to be, and order as many bonus items as you want—up to 4, for a total of 10 items. We’ll be ready to send them your way, in the biggest bag yet.

Ready to try your hand at filling a Mega-Nuuly? Get started with New Arrivals.