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Buying Your Rental

They say if you love something, you should let it go. As a life philosophy, we won’t knock it. But when it comes to your Nuuly, we have a different idea.

One of the best things about a clothing rental subscription is this: trying clothes without the commitment of ownership, more often than not, leads to some very happy and unexpected outcomes. When you give up the idea of ownership, you branch out. You take risks. You decide to get creative with your choices rather than returning to the tried and true cuts, colors and silhouettes you’ve grown attached to. And when that happens, sometimes, you fall in love with something you find.

This is where we say, if you love something you've rented, buy it. And here’s why:

Shared Closets Cost Less

We mean this in two ways, but right now we’ll focus on cost in terms of environmental impact. Deciding to purchase from a shared closet means that while yes, you’re not getting a perfectly brand new item, you’re buying from a garment pool that lives outside the cycle of fast fashion. No new garments are being produced to fill your purchase and once a style is gone, it’s gone. No mass making and cheap products, just the rental you already have in your hands staying there.

Skip the Shipping

Usually, buying your clothes happens one of two ways: a trip to a brick and mortar store or an online purchase that arrives in single use plastic and might have to be returned on your own dime. A Nuuly purchase cuts out the plastic packaging and the only thing you have to do is return your bag as usual, minus the piece you can’t live without.

Discounts, Discounts and More Discounts

Of course, we saved the best for last. Remember how we mentioned cost earlier? Well, purchasing your rental helps on the cost front in more than one way. Every garment you rent each month in your Nuuly is available for purchase at a discount—sometimes up to 75% off retail price. To find the reduced price of your garment, go to or open your Nuuly app and check My Nuuly. There, you’ll see each piece’s original price, your discounted price and the Buy button. And since we have all your info online or in the app, all it takes is a few clicks—goodbye searching for the security code on your debit card.

So while we hate to see a Nuuly go, we love to watch it leave knowing it’s better for all planets and pockets involved.