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Closet Lists Are Here!

You asked nicely. You strongly suggested. You proposed marriage—if ONLY we’d create a way to organize your Closet according to future events, past slays, phases of the moon, days that end in Y, etc.

“I would marry you, Nuuly, (don't tell my bf) IF I could make folders of my saves.” —Jamie, Nuulyer since 2022

Well, you better rent something wedding-appropriate, Jamie, because Closet Lists are here!

Here’s how it works:

1: Add clothes to your Closet by tapping the hanger icon you see in the corner of product photos.

2: Create a list by tapping the hanger icon again or by going into your full Closet and starting there.

3: Name your Lists using poetry, emojis, the language invented for Avatar, anything. A few ideas we brainstormed to get you in the list-naming zone:

10/10 Would Rent Again

Baddies Only

900 Weddings In 2023

Jeans, Jorts + Joveralls

Quiet Quitting Aka “Work” “Outfits”

Happy Clothes

Cry Clothes


I'll Show Them

Pants Are Overrated

I Let My Mom Pick These

Ranch Dressing

Actually Lived Through The 2000s

Soft Pants

Hard Pants

4: Impress yourself w/ your organizational skills, now that your Closet is Listified.