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How Nuuly Extends the Life of Rental Clothes

You’re wearing your Nuuly to the fullest when out of nowhere a button pops, a hem snags, or you gesture wildly holding a forkful of spaghetti and…lapful of sauce. First, don’t panic, because we never charge damage fees. But also, leave the repairs and cleaning to us—we’re literal experts at extending the life of our garments.

Nuuly repaired over 250,000 damaged garments in 2022!

That’s a quarter-million garments kept out of landfills and in rental circulation longer. Our dedicated repairs team shaves sweaters, reattaches buttons, fixes hems, removes stains, unsnags snags to make our garments like new again.

So the next time you’re invited to partake in a no-holds-barred pickleball tourney or a boozy painting excursion, rest assured that we’ll get out whatever you get into.

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