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Why Rent Jackets, Coats + Shackets?

Obviously we think renting coats and outerwear is a great idea since < deep inhale > we’re stocked with 1500+ options that cover basically every vibe, occasion and weather trend, petite and plus options and awesome brands AND it only costs $88 a month to look fly all winter < deep exhale > but we figured we’d let some Nuuliers have a say. One renter put it like this: “The option to rent coats is great…I hate storing very-outfit-specific coats because of how much space they take up…now I can keep a fresh rotation.” Another said, “I live in the South and I wanted to rent a variety of coats since I don’t wear them except for three months of the year.” See what we’re getting at? Many of us need a heavy-duty winter coat only for a short stretch and for the rest of the time we can get by with a jacket, maybe even a shacket (that’s a shirt-jacket, for anyone unfamiliar—and yes, we have those too). So try renting outerwear only while you need it—we’ll clean, repair and store your rented coats, jackets and shackets instead of you having to—and say “See ya next season!” to everything puffy, wooly, chunky and closet-jamming.

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