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Rent Maternity Dresses

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Why Rent Maternity Dresses?

Dressing for events can be an expensive challenge at any time, but especially when you’re embarking life’s ultimate expensive challenge—parenthood. Luckily you can rent maternity dresses from Nuuly and experiment with trends, styles and silhouettes that work for your new body, without committing to owning a dress you’ll only wear—quickly calculates human gestation, minus weeks before “popping,” plus hypothetical postpartum usage—eh, a few times. With pregnancy dress rental, you can wear pieces from premium maternity brands like Yumi Kim, Nothing Fits But, Ingrid + Isabel and Hatch to your next big event then send them back before le bébé arrives—no extra, unworn stuff clogging your closet, taxing your budget or stressing you out.

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