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Why Rent Petite Clothes?

Oh hey, we didn’t see you down there. Kidding! When you’re under 5’4”, finding only pants that puddle, sweaters that swallow you up and dresses that droop can feel like a bad joke. Wouldn’t you love access to a rotating closet of perfectly proportioned petite clothing that feels like it was made for you? Enter Nuuly. We stock over 1,400 petite rentals—including 600+ petite maxi, formal + cocktail dresses and 70+ styles of petite pants + jeans—from brands like Anthropologie, Hutch and Pilcro for you to rent, wear and love. Here’s how petite clothing rental from Nuuly works: try any 6 items on for size and if you find something that fits like a dream, buy it for up to 70% off retail. Send back the rest and we’ll take care of cleaning and repairs. Repeat with 6 new styles each month for $98. OK, one more for the road: Knock knock! Who’s there? Nuuly, with all the petite rental clothing you could ever hope for.

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