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The Maternity Shop

Rent the Look

The Maternity Shop

** Calling all cool moms **

Making tiny humans is v. cool. Sometimes, though, the maternity clothes are not v. cool. That’s why we made The Maternity Shop. Try hundreds of made-for-mom styles with maternity clothing rental—all for just $88/month. ~ cool mom win ~

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Why Rent Maternity Clothes?

Let's be honest: buying maternity clothing is not the move. Spending a lot on maternity clothes only to wear them for a little while…well, it’s a different sort of pregnancy ache. Maternity clothing rental from Nuuly, on the other hand, is a total no-brainer. Nuuly carries maternity jeans, bump-accommodating sweaters, maternity dresses, nursing- and pumping-friendly tops and more to suit each awesomely mind-boggling, body-morphing, what-size-am-I-today stage of pregnancy and post-partum life. Rent maternity clothing from brands like Hatch, Ingrid + Isabel and Stowaway Collection (or just rent a couple sizes up in the standard brands you already know and love), and wear it like you own it—but only while you need it.

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