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Hi. We're Nuuly

Nuuly is a new way to experience clothes and it's simple: subscribe and select any six items you'd like, every month, for $88. It's all about giving you choice: to explore, get creative and experiment with your style

How It Works

What's included: free 2-day shipping + returns. What's not: hidden fees. What else? You can pause or cancel anytime

Choose 6 Items

Four vintage tops and the same dress in two sizes? Six pairs of jeans? One of everything? It's your call

Wear Them Like You Own Them

They're all yours for the next month. And don't worry about laundry or repairs, either—they're included in the plan, no extra charges

Buy, Return + Refill

If you fall in love with something (or everything), buy it. Send back the rest by your billing date and repeat

You're a Little Different, We're a Little Different

Nuuly is about discovering something you didn't know existed, loving something you never expected and surprising yourself in the best possible way. It's about expanding your outfitting options into the thousands—while keeping more of those $1,000s in your bank account. We've designed Nuuly to layer into your real life, so you can come up with an amazing look every day—not just special occasions. It's for going all out, for just hanging out, for work, vacation and all the good stuff that happens in between

Subscribe to the Future

Pick any 6 items you like each month, we'll do everything else




  • Exclusive brands + unique styles

  • Buy what you love

  • Laundry + dry cleaning included

  • Free 2-day shipping + returns

  • No late fees or damage fees

  • Pause or cancel any time

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