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Nuuly x Goody Gift Subscriptions

What is a Goody gift subscription?

Goody is a third-party gifting platform that makes sending and receiving gifts super easy. They’re our trusted partner in facilitating the gift subscription experience, so you’re finally—finally!—able to give and receive the gift of Nuuly.

Is Goody legit?
I don’t have a Nuuly account. How do I get started?
I already Nuuly. How do I apply the gift to my existing account?
Why do I have to enter my credit card information even though I have a gift subscription?
Once the code is entered, is the gift subscription active?
Can I add additional items to my Nuuly?
Can I purchase items from my Nuuly + pay for them with my gift subscription?
What happens if I unlock early?
How do I return my Nuuly?
What happens if I don’t return my Nuuly at the end of my gift subscription?
What happens once my gift subscription ends?
How do I buy a gift subscription?
I purchased a Nuuly gift subscription from Goody—when does my card get charged?
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