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More Life In Your Clothes

If you’ve cruised around the Nuuly website before, you’ve probably bumped into our brand philosophy: More life in your clothes. And if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Wow, that’s a great sounding set of words…but what does it mean?”, allow us to elaborate.

To us, getting dressed is more than just “What am I going to wear today?” It’s “Who am I going to be today?” Every trip to your closet is an opportunity to adopt a new persona, lay claim to a new trend or rethink + rework something forgotten. When you rent, rewear + repair with us, you and the clothes you wear get a little more life.

The Benefits of Renting Clothes

Okay, so now that you’re fully versed in our mantra of “more life,” you might be wondering about the real life benefits of renting vs. buying clothes. Allow us to elaborate again.

More access: choose from 19,000+ styles and 400+ brands, every single month
More sustainable: try trends before buying them + cut out one-wear purchases
More options: get inclusive sizes up to 5X, plus petite + maternity
More savings: you always have the option to buy what you love for less

And of course, less hassle: fast, free shipping + no fees—all the time, every time.

Love the sound of “More?” Here’s how to get more time with your Nuuly.