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Purchasing + Bonus Items

What if I fall in love with an item? Can I buy it?

You can! If you want to keep any items that you currently have at home, just log in to your Nuuly Account to purchase them so we know they're not making the return trip. Falling in love is the best and we wish you all the happiness in the world.

How do I buy it?
Can I purchase an item *after* I have returned it?
Do you offer price adjustments or matching?
Can I pay for my item with a different credit card than the one I have on file for my subscription?
How do I apply a purchase discount code to an item?
Can I return an item I purchased?
What's a bonus item?
How much does a bonus item cost?
How many bonus items can I add to my Nuuly?
How do I add or remove bonus items to my Nuuly?
How will I be charged for bonus items?
I have a free bonus item. Does it count towards the max number of bonus items I can rent?
How will my bonus items arrive?
Can I buy my bonus items?
How should I send bonus items back?
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