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Closet + Lists

What’s in my Closet?

Oooh fashion! Your Closet stores all your inspiration for future Nuulies. You can get organized by creating Lists within your Closet. Just tap the hanger to save ideas to your Closet and sort them into Lists.

What’s a List?
How do I create a List?
How do I add an item to a List? Does it have to be in my Closet first?
How many items can I add to a list?
Can I add an item to multiple Lists?
What’s the max number of Lists I can create?
What order do my Lists display in?
How do I remove an item from a List?
How do I delete a List?
If I delete a List, what happens to the clothes in that List?
Can I share my Lists with friends?
Do you have to be a subscriber to use your Closet and create Lists?
What happens to my Lists when I pause or cancel?
Do I have to use Closet Lists?
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