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Refer a Friend Program

How do I refer friends to Nuuly?

You can refer friends in a few different ways:

Grab your referral link in My Account: Go to the Referrals + Rewards section of My Account for easy referring with your personal QR code and referral link.

Wave your Nuuly Card to friends in app: Show your new Nuuly referral card to friends and family on-the-go. Simply tap Refer Friends at the top of My Account in the Nuuly app to pull up the card with your personal QR code for friends to scan (and earn!).

To get the lowdown on all things related to referring friends, visit the Refer Friends program page and copy + paste your personal referral link. You can find How It Works, FAQs and Terms + Conditions there. Invite as many friends as you like and they’ll each get $30 off a month’s subscription when they subscribe using your referral link. Only first-time subscribers are eligible. For each friend who subscribes, you’ll also get $10 off a month’s subscription, for a total of 12 rewards per year. Eligible employees receive bonus items in lieu of $$ off, up to 12 per year. Read our Terms + Conditions for full details.

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