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How It Works

How do I Nuuly for the first time?
We'll walk you through it.

You can browse the site at any time without subscribing—we know you might want to take a look around first.

When you're ready to sign up and subscribe, click on the Sign Up link and you'll be taken through the process of creating an account and subscribing. We'll ask you a few questions and help you build a profile. You'll also need a valid credit card handy to complete the subscription process.

As soon as we've processed your first subscription payment, you can start adding items to your Nuuly—pick anything you like! 6 pairs of jeans? 4 vintage tops and the same dress in 2 sizes? One of everything? It's your call.

When you've added six items and are ready, go ahead and review and confirm your shipment. As soon as you confirm it, we'll pack and send your Nuuly to you via UPS 2-day shipping. We'll notify you at every step of your Nuuly's journey by email and by text, if you choose—you can also check its status at any time right from your Nuuly onsite. Once your Nuuly is confirmed, we're not able to make any changes or cancellations, including swaps for size.

Your six items will arrive neatly rolled in a reusable Nuuly bag. You'll also use this same bag to ship your items back to us—we include a prepaid UPS return shipping label in every Nuuly, so it's extra easy to return. If one of your Nuuly items is damaged, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your Nuuly so we can help.

Now wear those items like you own them! They're all yours until you send them back—or they can stay yours if you decide to purchase them.

Your Nuuly will stay locked while your items are spending the month with you—this means you won't be able to add anything to your Nuuly when you visit the site, but you can add anything that catches your eye to your Nuuly closet at any time.

Your Nuuly will unlock when two things happen: your next billing date passes and we have received and processed your items back in our distribution center. If we receive and process your items back earlier than your billing date, that's okay! Your next Nuuly will unlock exactly on your next billing date. If you send your items back after your billing date, that's okay, too—there aren't any late fees. In that case, your next Nuuly will unlock as soon as we've received and processed your items in our distribution center.

When you're ready to return, just zip your unpurchased items back into the Nuuly bag, slip the prepaid return label into its outside pocket and drop it off at UPS. If you accidentally tossed the original label, you can reprint it anytime from the Rental History section of My Account. If you want to keep any items for good, just log in to your account to purchase them so we know they're not making the return trip. We'll notify you when we receive and process everything and it's time to Nuuly again.

Why do you want my cell phone number? We just met.
Should I wash or dry clean anything before I send it back?
What if I fall in love with an item? Can I buy it?
How do I pause my subscription?
How do I cancel my subscription?
Are there any additional fees or hidden charges?
What are your accepted payment methods?
How + where do you ship items?
What is my closet + how does it work?
How can I only see items that are available to rent?
How can I see all items, even if they're not available to rent?
How do size filters work?
Can you notify me when an item is back in stock?
Can I fill my next Nuuly before I return my current Nuuly?
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