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My Account: Subscription + Billing

How many subscription plans do you offer?
We're keeping things simple to start: we have one subscription plan that allows you to rent six items for $88 a month and includes free 2-day shipping and returns, professional cleaning and no damage or late fees. We offer a service with an unlike-anywhere-else assortment that gives you thousands of options for exploring your style. Depending on what items you choose, you can wear up to $800 worth of items with each Nuuly.

We’d love to hear what other subscription offerings you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

How does the monthly subscription charge work?
When will I be charged for my monthly subscription?
Can I change my subscription billing date?
Why do you want my cell phone number?
What are your accepted payment methods?
How do I update my credit card?
How do I update my address?
How do I see past receipts/invoices?
How do I pause my subscription?
How do I cancel my subscription?
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