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Shipping + Returns

How + where do you ship items?
We ship via UPS 2-day delivery on business days (Monday through Friday), for all orders. Shipping and returns are included in your subscription plan. Orders are shipped, except for certain oversized items, in a recycled, reusable Nuuly bag. We are not currently able to ship outside of the United States or to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.
How do I track my Nuuly delivery?
How do I track my Nuuly return?
How much does shipping cost?
How long does delivery take?
Do you offer overnight shipping?
How do I return my Nuuly items?
Help! I lost my return shipping label.
When do I need to return my Nuuly by?
I sent back this month's Nuuly. When does my next Nuuly unlock?
What if I return my Nuuly early?
What if I return my Nuuly late?
I forgot to send an item back in my return. What do I do?
I think I returned a non-Nuuly item back to you. What should I do?
Can I return items to a store?
Where do you deliver? Do you ship internationally?
Do you deliver to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses?
I forgot to send one of my items back. Now what?
What if items don't fit in the Nuuly garment bag?
Can I return an item I already purchased?
What if I’ve misplaced something I’ve rented?
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